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Speed camera detectors to further improve safety?

Speed camera detectors could be extremely useful gadgets for Britons who want to build on recent positive statistics released by the Department of Transport and keep the UK's roads as safe as possible.

The organisation recently released the Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: Quarterly Provisional Estimates Q1 2011, which showed the number of people killed or seriously injured in the year ending March 2011 dropped.

According to the report, 1,870 motorists killed and 24,770 killed or seriously injured in the 12-month period - a fall of ten and five per cent respectively compared to the previous year. There were also five per cent fewer casualties - made up of slight injuries, serious injuries and deaths - as well as three per cent fewer child casualties.

What's more, the number of road accidents that resulted in an injury dropped by five per cent again - to 154,030.

And it could be that this positive data is linked to another statistic given by the Department for Transport: that the amount of traffic actually on the road in the 12-month period fell by 0.7 per cent.

Speed camera detectors may be the perfect device for drivers who want to reduce the likelihood of them speeding while on the roads and getting into accidents because of dangerous driving.

The gadgets have numerous special features that can help their owners drive safer. For example, many have voice alerts letting the driver know how fast they are driving, as well as advanced warnings of the location of speed cameras on the road.

This extra information will obviously help motorists stick to the speed limit, and also means they don't have to dangerously slam on the brakes when they notice an upcoming speed camera, as they will have already known well in advance that it was there.

Hit the Road in the Style with the a Motorhome GPS System

Millions of people in the UK harbour dreams of one day taking time out and embarking on a road trip. For those who own motorhomes, this is very often a reality, with Brits using their time off to get on the road and explore.

While some may think the best part of an adventure like this is throwing caution to the wind and seeing where they end up, others might take a more cautionary approach and ensure they get where they want to go with the minimum of stress.

And at BonVoyage Travel & Tours, they believe there is something to be said for planning before setting off on a motorhome holiday

Planning Pays
In an article for Travel Bite, the company offered a number of tips for those taking their motorhome on the road.

Firstly, it suggested booking campsites as far in advance as possible before your arrival, particularly if they are close to popular areas for tourists and fill up quickly.

Furthermore, the firm advised taking regular breaks, frequently filling up with petrol and arrive at your first night's stop in daylight.

And last but not least, it stated planning your route in advance has plenty of advantages.

How Can a Motorhome GPS Device Benefit You?
This is where a motorhome GPS system comes in.

At Snooper, our Ventura range of gadgets is ideal for motorhome owners, allowing them to input the weight, width and length of their vehicles and identify safe routes for larger motors. The devices will also pinpoint speed cameras, low bridges, narrow roads and a range of other hazards.

Who says you can't have a good adventure without a bit of planning first?

Have an Easier Life on the Road with a GPS Speed Trap Locator

Speed traps - and the way drivers react when they see them - have hit the headlines in recent months, after one Michael Thompson was fined by the courts for his conduct in his car.

Mr Thompson was ordered to pay a fine of £175, as well as £250 costs after flashing his headlights to warn other motorists of an upcoming police speed check.

However, the case has divided opinion among the public. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) ran a survey that showed 70 per cent of respondents believed they should not be prosecuted for warning others about the traps. Some 21 per cent believed they should.

IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger commented: "Safety was [...] used as a major justification for those who do flash, to warn of speed checks, with nearly 20 per cent saying they 'wanted to avoid a possible collision when drivers see the speed check late and brake harshly in response."

A GPS Speed Trap Detector Could Save You a Lot of Hassle
A GPS speed trap detector, though, could save you and others from having to do any flashing at all, help you concentrate on the road and stay safe while behind the wheel.

Snooper has been the market leader in speed camera detector systems for more than 30 years now, and our sophisticated devices make use of the latest speed camera detector technology and Snooper's speed camera database, AURA, which is the only camera database offering 24-hour updates.

They tell you where cameras are, which ones are live and active, as well as the locations of mobile speed traps such as laser guns and camera vans. With roads as busy as they are nowadays, we could use all the help we can get to make sure we're not distracted and slamming on our brakes every time we see a speed camera or police car.

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